The Stella Family has never given up ever

The Stella Family, faced with recent catastrophic events, has never given up ever. We won’t this time. We are working on a temporary transitional concept, A Stella’s Curb Side Meal program, aimed at providing the community with home-cooked safe meals, picked up curbside under extreme sanitation rules and guidelines. We will remain present and active in the community in any way or form
possible-details to follow.

Please know that soon, people will need places to gather, even if they are small gatherings, and when this is all over, people will need to pick up the pieces and reconnect. This is a cycle. The sun will shine again. We look forward to being part of your “Stella-brations” in the near future.

Our community has been through so much in the past few years, and we have faced many challenges. Together, we can get through this, too. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, your families, and your neighbors.

With love,
The Stella Family

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We are HERE for you

But the tables are turned: we deliver ready to heat and serve meals – you will do the plating and serving this time around!